Friday, September 3, 2010

My goals

Hey blokes/gulls this is Anthony "theory of relativity". This my first post and hopefully not my last! im currently attending Ms. Abernethy's geometry course 6th period. some of my current goals are to have this year go smooth. By this I mean i dont want to be an over-achiever but i dont want to fail either. Another goal is to have an O.K. class representation of myself . I to achieve this by not being too popular (in any circumstance) or be infamous. Also in my blog posts I'll be posting my gauge size for my ears because though i may be just starting i plan to go to a 7/16, but my current size is a 6. Hope you enjoyed reading this because i unfortunately hated it because i dislike blogs A LOT.

P.S. i might think of an ending slogan ?

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